Sputnik is a collaboration between engineer Alex de Kraker and designer Chaim Becker. Above all, they are passionate cyclists and devoted to building the most awesome bikes humanly possible. 

The yearly batch of Sputniks is inspired by riding those unexplored paths. Paths that trigger your fascination, because they are too rugged, steep or tough to explore with a regular roadbike. That’s why we design and built these do-it-all workhorses. 

Alex de Kraker

Ever since Alex was able to ride a bike, he rode them frequent and fast. His attraction to the bike made him learn more and more about techniques and eventually led to Alex building bicycles by hand to a level of performance and perfection the industry can’t offer. This kicked off his high-end custom brand of made-to-measure racing bikes called St Joris Cycles.

Chaim Becker

Chaim has been surrounded by mechanics working on a two-wheeler ever since he was a kid. After crashing (and thus crushing) his bike during an accident, he decided to build a new one in stead buying it. His search for expertise ended when he walked into St Joris Cycles’ workshop. He learned about custom bicycles frame building and has never left since.