Sputnik Cera

The 2021 generation Sputnik is here!

We like to innovate and engineered some new features. Of course we still design and build your Sputnik completely by hand to fit like a glove. The geometry is made to measure to support the owner’s riding style and to endure your adventures.

Be part of the journey and join the ride!

Sputnik CERA Sputnik CERA
Sputnik CERA Sputnik CERA



  • Frame

    Made to measure with custom geometry

    It's a unique experience to really feel one with your bike. This not only requires your bike to fit like a glove but also the geometry needs to be targeted to your intended use. If your Sputnik is going to be your off-road companion, its geometry will be designed different compared to one that is designed for both on- and off-road use. So, it is important for us to know your intended use!

    If you don't have recent bikefitting data, we offer bikefitting sessions together with our partner Pedaalkracht to get you on the bike perfectly.

    Carefully selected tubing from Columbus and Dedacciai combined with in-house produced head tube, thru-axle dropouts, custom bent seat stays and St Joris' (flat mount) disc brake mount make for a rock solid frame to endure your adventures.

    Details count. To give the bike that clean and sleek look, we go the extra mile to put your hydraulics fully internal. This makes your bike's hydraulics are safe and reliably shielded from external impacts. Oh, and it helps when cleaning your bike after a ride.

  • Wheelset

    Handbuilt to suit your needs

    A Sputnik comes with nothing less than a handbuilt wheelset. Wheels are one of the most important parts on your bike and endure a lot of stress, especially in off-road use. That is why we build all wheels rider-specific by hand and take into account your intended use, rinding style and rider weight into account.

    Optional upgrades: Carbon rims from Scope or ENVE, Chris King R45 or DT-Swiss 240s hubs.

  • Groupsets

    Shimano or Campagnolo?

    Ever since the introduction of Campagnolo in the '40, there has been a healthy battle between the Japanese and the Italians. The constant drive to be the most innovating company has led both to some of the most iconic and best performing parts in the cycling industry. This year we offer both on our Sputnik bikes.

    Reliability at an affordable price? You might want to take a look at the Shimano GRX groupsets. Shimano took the technology from their Ultegra groups and used it to make a durable bespoke gravel group. They come with single and double chainring setup and you can even choose electronic shifting with their Di2 technology.

    Are you looking for a more exotic or just love the aesthetics of Campagnolo? Then the Campagnolo Ekar groupset might suit your needs. Aesthetics is not its only strong feature. The ergonomics of the shifters are superb as is its brake feel and control and It comes in a 1x13 configuration with plenty of choice regarding chainrings and cassettes.

  • Headset

    Chris King Matte Jet

    No concessions made. A Sputnik comes with a headset that matches the lifetime of the frame: Chris King Inset i8 in 'Matte Jet' (matte black).

  • Bottom bracket


    No pressfit for Sputnik! A Sputnik comes standard with a T47 bottom bracket. A game changer we have been working with at St Joris Workshop from the early beginning, oversized and creak-free due to its 47 mm threads.